Peter von Irle is the Managing Director and Global Head of Capital Strategy at Copper Irle Ventures, where he founded and heads the Emerging Market Partner Program alongside the Global Investments Initiative. 

In this capacity, Peter is charged with selecting both established and new business ventures for the firm to partner with, and provide financing, business consulting, tax and structural advice, and capital strategy resources, in addition to sitting on Boards of Directors.

An experienced international tax professional and commercial transactions attorney, prior to founding Copper Irle Ventures, Peter has led over 65 seed, A-round, and follow-on investments while developing deep relationships with investment clients, along with successfully restructuring multiple portfolio companies.

He has long been an advocate in the investment thesis blockchain will transform the world, and attended his first crypto conference in Singapore in spring 2013.


Early on in his entrepreneurial career Peter cofounded and served as CEO at Copper Irle, LLC, which developed one of the world’s first virtually instantaneous, private, cross-border stored-value systems.

After exiting, he went on to establish Villa del Sol, a boutique financial services firm specializing in bridge loans and equipment financing for the health and beauty sector.

He then founded and served as CEO at Gibraltar Holdings, LLC, which financed, constructed and franchised approximately 75 retail facilities in the health and beauty sector, while providing liquidity in  over 30 acquisitions.

Peter then joined Capitalist Exploits, an Emerging Market Syndicator of Early Stage Investments, as Adviser and LP. Following this, he became an Adviser and Investment Partner at Seraph VC, where he traveled the globe helping to reorganize the firm’s distribution platform globally, while meeting with potential investment partners and vetting new deals.

While with Seraph, he participated in successful placement of over 50 early stage investments into companies primarily located in Emerging Markets, along with investments into a number of early-stage tech companies, including Coinbase.

He has served as an Adviser and on the Boards of Directors for many private companies.

Today he runs Copper Irle Ventures, an early stage Venture Capital firm seeking asymmetrical returns from investments using the latest technologies to cultivate sustainable agriculture and longevity-facing products in the Emerging Markets.


Peter’s formative years were spent home-schooled off-grid by bohemian parents who ran an NGO, being challenged to “question everything,” traveling the globe and gaining insight into classical liberal arts by actually studying at the museums where artifacts and art were housed, and at sites where ancient events occurred. 

He moved to America on his own at 14 so he could “play American sports.” He found himself constantly in leadership positions, though he muses, “at the time I wasn’t quite sure why.” After a successful undergraduate career playing American football, he moved into a role coaching the university’s football team throughout all three years of law school. 

His foray into entrepreneurship started upon moving to America, selling door-to-door as a teen. “It’s an experience I wouldn’t trade for the world,” he’s often said, “as it builds such confidence and people-reading skills into you, while eliminating that lizard-brain fear of rejection.” 

By the time he received his Juris Doctorate, he’d already started two successful businesses, and had seized upon the joys of determining one’s own destiny “by speaking to the underlying motivation that each consumer uniquely holds – why each potential purchaser is driven to react in certain ways to specific stimuli.” 


Peter holds a JD from Washington & Lee University, with a focus of study in International Taxation, and a dual BA in History and International Political Economy, Salutatorian | Summa Cum Laude, from Whitworth University. He was nominated as both a Fulbright Scholar and a Rhodes Scholar.

He was actively involved as a political campaign adviser to George Nethercutt, focusing on the Under-25 constituency, in the first successful effort to unseat a sitting US Speaker of the House since 1862.

Between undergrad and law school, Peter spent a year in Olympia, Washington working in the Senate, first as a legislative aide, and then as a Chief-of-Staff.


    As both an adrenaline and health junkie, and as one of the world’s foremost riverboarders, Peter has traveled the world in search of extreme whitewater and superfoods, consulting for and being featured in newspapers, magazines, television specials and major motion pictures.

    He has been to nearly 70 countries, and says he loves the grit of the Frontier for the opportunities it affords those with an appetite for risk and a vision for the future.

    He is passionate about health, extreme sports, anti-aging, and the ongoing quest for learning. He is intrigued by quantum physics and the ‘persuasive illusion of reality’.

    He dislikes “being ignorant and sucking at things,” while his hobbies include riverboarding, collecting modern art, out-of-bounds snow skiing, classical piano, and prepping.

    As both a foodie and a prepper, he splits his time between an urban home in Asia and a ranch in North America.


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